The Airman's Wife


In 2012 I married my airman. He is good, and kind, and strong, and brave, and gorgeous, and hilarious. He was spontaneous and lighthearted whilst I was serious and found comfort in being in control of my life and my future. He made me laugh and made me believe that I could be free ad happy outside of my well-established comfort zone. When he asked me to be his wife I agreed to follow him around the world and to love him forever. So, I quit my job as an RN, had a few babies, and here we are.

Whenever The Airman suggests that I record our experiences in a blog I tell him that I'm a pretty niche market. I mean, how many immigrant, 20-something year old, Christian, control-freak, out-of-work nurse, stay-at-home mom, air force wives do you know? Probably no more than a handful, right? But, if you've ever felt unequipped for your surroundings, or if you've ever had to leave your home to stay together, or if you've ever had to cling to Christ for peace, or if you've ever had to correct a military doctor, or have ever been frustrated at the DMV, if every time you leave the house someone tells you that you've got your hands full, then you're my people and this one's for you.

Even though our lives are happy, my desire to maintain a sense of control often collides with military life and I have to adjust once again to restore calm in my heart. When chaos reigns I try to shake it off and tell The Airman that all of this will one day be the basis of a sitcom I write to fund our retirement. So, if you ever see this on TV, you'll know we made it through the hard times and learned to laugh through the mess. Until then, please feel welcome visit with us enjoy the ride.